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Vadistanbul Shopping Center (Istanbul)

Filo D’olio Vadi İstanbul I Müdavim

The Vadi Istanbul project was created by two famous construction companies Artaş Group and Invest Group in the Ayazağa area in Seyrantepe, surrounded by the forests of Belgrad. The total area of this project is 1350000 square meters which includes...

Filo d’olio restaurant, Monopoli

Luxury Life Concept Vadi Istanbul Teras: A total of 1. You will find everything you would need for a good life at Vadistanbul Terrace that is located on an area of 51. Vadistanbul Terrace comprises 8 blocks with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, and 5+1 Duplex apartment flat options, and has a parking capacity for 1800 vehicles. Vadi Istanbul Park: Built on a land of 74. Sadabad Creek comes to life again As part of the project intended to revive the sea life in the Golden Horn, the sea water drawn...

Vadi İstanbul

Filo d'Olio

filo d'olio

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Vadi Istanbul

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